Denon AVR-1712 3D BD , HDMi 7.1 Channel AV Home Theater Multi-Source / Multi-Zone Receiver


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 Please check section: Product condition and Content of Package.

Content of Package.


- Receiver Unit - Power Cord

Remote Control

FM Antenna




Not Included:


-User Manual


Functional Condition: Tested with attached speakers. Unit appears good working condition

Unit tested w/BD/DVD Player, FM Radio



Cosmetic Condition: Supper fresh factory black color. Rating 9.5-10


Region 1, AC-120V 90W -60Hz


 The Denon AVR-1712 7.1 Home Theater Receiver delivers exceptional performance and convenient features in a home theater centerpiece. Offering the latest inputs, this powerful receiver features advanced processing that brings out the best in your Blu-ray/DVD players, game consoles, and other entertainment devices. The AVR-1712 supports high-resolution audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, for a dynamic surround-sound listening experience. It also supports HDMI v1.4a, allowing you to get the most out of 3D content. Enhanced by convenient digital inputs, including a dock connectivity option for iPod and iPhone, the AVR-1712 offers an exceptional foundation for your home theater system.






With the Dock Control Port and dedicated inputs for a variety of docking solutions from Denon, the AVR-1712 provides for direct connectivity to your iPod or iPhone. This receiver can also be used with the Denon Networked Control Dock (sold separately) for network streaming or docking your iPod/iPhone. A compressed audio restorer guarantees that standard MP3 playback is crisp and clear.




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