SAMSUNG BD-S7 3D Blue-Ray Drive Laser Travers BDP7G ,BDP9G, BD-D6500/D6700/D6900


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Computable with Samsung HT-D6730W 3D Player

SAMSUNG BD-D6500/D6700/6900 3D Blue-ray 

The drive Tested- Good working condition
will work with new or good condition cable only.

Part Name:  BD-S7 Laser travers
  BDP7G Main  ver.01 2010.12.29 To replace of the travers remove the bottom cover only don't need unscrew top cover
computable with Samsung HT-D6730W 3D Player and ht-e4500 BDP9G  MAIN VER. 4.2 201-.20.26 LASER TRAVER

 #1 P/n AK96-01579B BD-S7 BDP Loader
#2 P/n  AK96-01579F BD-S7 TSEC Loader
#3 p/n AK96-01579B BD-S7 HTC Loader

Known Compatibility: Samsung BD Player 

Troubleshooting                                                        Solution

 1. If drive doesn't read one of DVD or BD
2. If drive doesn't read any disk DVD and BD

 1. Malfunction BD Loader
2. Replace Main Board

Troubleshooting Solution

1.In Dash drive doesn't want take CD (like locked)
2. Doesn't load DVD and BD

1.Bad Main PCB Board AK94-00414A 
or as PCB610938
2. 50% Bad Main Board

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