LiteON LVW-5045a All Writes HDD,DVD,CD Dual Recorder

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The recorder comes equipped with RF, RCA, S-Video, and FireWire inputs. 
Getting a signal out with RF, RCA, S-Video and component will allow you to hook up 
and view your programming easily. 
Setup the player to output 480p for TVs that support progressive scanning.
With the LVW-5045 you can put nearly any type of optical media into the tray and copy 
it to the hard drive (except copyrighted, encrypted media). 
This DVD recorder can be the hub for content from your music CDs, picture CDs and DVDs. 
Additionally, the content then can be recorded to a variety of disc formats.
Creating a DVD disc is a very simple process. There are two ways to make DVDs with the LVW-5045.
 Burn an incoming signal from an external device (i.e. VCR, cable box) directly to a DVD disc or
 record a DVD from content on the hard drive. Burning direct to disc is a simple process, but it 
lacks some of the advantages of recording a disc from content on the hard drive.
Video content stored on the hard drive of the Lite-On DVD recorder can be accessed via the browser. 
The browser acts just as a browser on your computer does by allowing you to navigate to and access content
Recording TV content is easy with the built in tuner. You can connect a variety of external devices, 
which will enable you to automate the tuning and recording of your favorite TV shows.
The Timer set-up allows the user to program the LVW-5045 to record at set times during the day.
 It can also set reoccurring times throughout eternity, or until there's no more disc space.
 This feature is similar to a typical VCR.
The Lite-On LVW-5045 offers a variety of recording quality modes so you can record 1-6 hours of 
content on a single sided DVD disc (4.7 GB) or 33-198 hours on the hard drive. In this test, 
we chose the highest quality-recording mode (HQ) for our camcorder footage.
Write Formats: DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD, SVCD
Video Format: MPEG-2 (DVD+VR, SVCD) and MPEG-1 (DVD+VR, VCD)
Audio Recording Formats: Dolby Digital 2-channel, MPEG-1 Layer 2, PCM
Recording Modes: HQ= 1 hr DVD, 33 hrs HDD
SP= 2 hrs DVD, 66 hrs HDD
LP= 3 hrs DVD, 99 hrs HDD
EP= 4 hrs DVD, 132 hrs HDD
SLP= 6 hrs DVD, 198 hrs HDD
Just Fit= Variable
Video Inputs: Composite, S-Video, FireWire, RF
Video Outputs: Composite, S-Video, FireWire, RF, Component
Television Tuner: Yes, NTSC-M
Audio Input: RCA, FireWire
Audio Output: RCA, FireWire, Digital Coaxial, Optical
Audio Output Formats: Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM, MPEG
Front Panel Connections: RCA, FireWire
Playback Formats: DVD-Video, DVD+VR, VCD, SVCD, Audio CD, MP3,


Content of package:

1xLiteON DVD recorder

1xRCA AV Cable

1x Power Cord

1x USB Flash Drive User Manual


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