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1.If your Sony BDV-E3100 does not play BD disks but plays DVD disks.

Solution: You have bad BD loader.

2.If your Sony BDV-E3100 does not play BD and DVD disks.

Solution: More chances that you have bad main board.

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1. If your Samsung BD-F5500 does not play BD disks,but plays DVD.Solution: Malfunction BD Loader2.If your Samsung BD-F5500 does not play BD and DVD.Solution: More chances that you have bad main board.3.If your Samsung BD-F5500 doesn't open tray of ROMSolution: Manually and w/remote control doesn't open.More chance bad main board.4.If your Samsung BD-F5500 Sensor operation keys doesn't work,but player [...]

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1.If when you press the button “OPEN” and tray does not opens. - Solution: Bad Main PCB HT-BD3250,AH41-01251A2.If unit only plays DVD and does not want to play BD. - Solution: Bad Loader DECK BD-P12503. If unit does not play DVD and BD -Solution: Bad Main Board HT-BD3250,AH41-01251A44. If you getting message “FanCheck” - [...]

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1.If unit does not want to power up and you getting message “Error F61” - The solution might be that your Amplifier PCB is bad. 2.If unit does not receive power. - Solution: Remove power cord. Detach flex cable from Main Board to AMP. If unit powered UP, you need to replace AMP PCB You can also buy parts for this Panasonic [...]

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Troubleshooting for Panasonic SA-PT960,PT760,PT660

1.If you know for sure, that the 5-disk loader is in good working condition, but the tray does not want to open.- The solution might be that your Main Board is Bad RJBX0565AA (3)2.If you getting error message “Error F76” - The solution is might be that your Power Supply is Bad.3.If you getting error message Error [...]

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Welcome to our club of technical assistance and your orders

For the convenience of our new members, we will be posting questions about models of electronic units.If in our inventory we have that specific model,we can make a detailed testing and make accurate recommendations.Also, our members who has sufficient technical knowledge will be able to give you accurate recommendations as well.Active Members of our recommendations as technical experts will be encouraged,and [...]

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